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Committee response to consultation on 20mph zone for Ilkley and Ben Rhydding

The summary of the Committee's response is as follows
We support the proposed introduction of 20mph speed limits in Ilkley and Ben Rhydding as a means to encourage more cycling journeys by making the roads safer.
We do not support the proposed number of traffic tables and cushions. Given the potential dangers posed to cyclists by these physical obstacles, we would prefer to see 20mph limits with signposts and speed roundel markings on the road surface and tables and cushions only where there are known high average speeds.
If tables and cushions are necessary, these should be designed to be safe for cyclists to negotiate, as per Cycling England Design Portfolio A.03 Traffic Calming January 2011, and free from parked cars.
We would like to see three small extensions to the 20mph speed limit area.
We join with Climate Action Ilkley and Ilkley 20’s Plenty for Us in calling for improved public engagement and information around the proposal, and for the implementation to be monitored to identify where compliance with the speed limit and/or parking restrictions might need to be improved.