Regular Rides, Ride Speeds and Categories

Weekly Rides

There are regular Club rides most days of the week. These rides are usually listed on the Rides App, though sometimes quite close to the ride time itself. To check for up-to-date information, consider joining the appropriate message forum, where specified.

Rides start from The Old Bridge, Denton Road side, Ilkley, unless otherwise stated.

If you fancy being a ride leader, as a Club Member you can also post your own ride on the Rides App and expect a group to join you. It is also a good idea to share the ride on the Club Facebook Group page. Rides do not have to be at the above place or the times listed below, but this is where and when Club members are used to getting together.

Here is an overview of the regular rides and the groups that participate in them:

  • Monday, 9:30. Social Ride B3, usually between 25 to 45 miles.
  • Monday, 9:30. Womens Ride C2, usually between 20 to 30 miles.
  • Tuesday, 9:30. B1/B2 and B3 rides. Rides are typically between 40 and 70 miles depending on the terrain and weather.
  • Thursday, 18:45. All categories. We endeavour to have rides for all levels, even if no one has listed a ride in a particular category. If you are interested in a C ride, however, and none is listed, please post on the Club Facebook group page that you are interested so that a ride leader can volunteer.
  • Saturday, 08:30. Training/A, B1, B2. 'Chain Gang' structured ride, 30 mile loop. Before joining this ride, please read about how it works.
  • Sunday Morning All categories. Generally, rides will be listed on the Rides App by Saturday. Over the winter the Training/A/B1/B2 Ride is combined for an inclusive out-and-back, no-drop ride that gets everyone back by early afternoon.

Ride Categories/Speeds

Rides are organised by ride speed/type and may fall into more than one of those categories. Here is an explanation of the ride types to help you choose the right one.

TR Training
A Advanced
B Intermediate
C Social
MTB Mountain Bike
Women Only

Training rides average 20+ mph (32+ kmh), do not typically stop, and generally will not regroup if a rider is off the back.

These rides average 18+ mph (29+ kmh) and will not typically stop, but may regroup at the top of climbs.

Ride average speed 16-18 mph (25.7 - 29 kmh) and often do not include a cafe or other stop. Typically, these rides will regroup after climbs.

Ride average speed 14-16 mph (22.5 - 25.7 kmh) and may make a cafe stop depending on the group or the leader’s wishes.

Ride average speed 12-14 mph (19.5 - 22.5 kmh) taking in a variety of terrain including some hillier terrain with a cafe stop at approximately half distance on a Sunday. Distance on a Sunday will generally not exceed 45 miles.

Ride average speed 12 mph (19.3 kmh) over predominantly flat terrain with a cafe stop and max distance of 40 miles on a Sunday. It is aimed at anybody who fancies a steady ride but particularly those new to and returning to cycling. As a guide if you can ride from Ilkley to Bolton Abbey roundabout in 25 minutes, you should be fine on this ride.

Ride average speed 10 mph -12 mph (16 - 19.3 kmh) over predominantly flat terrain with a cafe stop and max distance of 40 miles on a Sunday. These rides are perfect for new riders looking for companionship and an opportunity to develop their skills.

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