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Wed 29 Nov
7:15 pm - 8:10 pm (ish)


Virtual ride on Rouvy | Up the Eskdale valley with a Hard(knott) finish | Route Name: Fred Whitton Sunny 2015 - Pt8

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Ride leader

Andy H


12.84 mi
(20.66 km)


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A nice jaunt up the Eskdale Valley on a sunny day with a tough finish on Hardknott pass.

Note earlier time.

Virtual Rouvy Ride:

Fred Whitton Sunny 2015 - Pt8

12.84m 2011ft ascent

Average grade is 2% (most of the climbing is the last 1.8 miles)

Enter in 'just ride' mode at 19:15

If you usually download the route please do so prior to start time.

No real agenda to the ride, group together and enjoy the drafting, put the hammer down and go for the KOM or take it easy and soak up the scenery.

Free Trial Period is 14 days.

Safety, pace, and ride notes

Discord Server: Ilkley CC


Use link above to join text chat then click to join voice chat (called chatter) below.

There is a new WhatsApp ICC Virtual Riding Group - if anyone wants to be added to this group make it known to Andy H, Andy T, James H or Alizon H

Kit, preparation, and weather

Around 2.4 - 2.8w/kg (for me).