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Women's Racing

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Women's racing is firmly on the agenda with one of British Cycling’s aims being to encourage more women to race, whatever the level. All race organisers are being encouraged to hold women-only races. Within the club there are women competing in time trials and circuit/road racing. Several women ride out with the Saturday morning Club chain gang. This is a good chance to have a chat with the other women racers.

Time-trials ("TTs") are a good place to start competing as you are racing alone against the clock. No need to worry about other competitors. All abilities can take part. For Club TTs just turn up on the night, for most open TTs you will need to enter two weeks in advance.

Women’s circuit and road racing is increasing in popularity and there are many more women-only races being promoted. To find out what is going on, the best place to look is on the British Cycling event calendar and filter for women’s races as well as the FaceBook groups listed below. Practice sessions for women to build the confidence and skills for bunch racing are often available

There are more and more women racing cyclo-cross (winter and summer) and these are again a good place to start racing. At the lower levels women race alongside the men’s vets and juniors, however there is always a vast range of abilities taking part so you can enjoy a race against other riders of your standard whatever your ability.

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Racing Licence

Anyone who wants to have a go at (road) racing, will need to get a British Cycling race licence.

For many races, such as closed circuit racing, a provisional licence is all that is required, and you can get that as part of British Cycling's "Race Bronze" membership.