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Racing Update 12/06/19

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This week the summer cyclo cross series moved to the twisty, firm grass circuit at Yorksport arena. Seb Cliffe continued his good run of form, leading ICC home with 26th place and 6th U16 rider. He was followed by, 44th Paul Cowland, 54th Arthur Wilson, 55th Jason Bishop, 59th Ryan Tiffany, 70th JohnMcManus, 92nd Liam Rees, 9thFV40 Gilly Fraser Rees.

Moving on to circuit racing, this week Alba Rosa promoted at the Brownlee Centre, and unluckily both fixtures suffered from really poor weather. In Friday’s 3/4 category race Jim Adamson was Ilkley’s top performer in 7th place, followed by Steve Gott in 12th and Michael Strange, 20th. The next day in the 1/2/3/4 category race Ged Millward was 12th, but this was well distanced from the leaders. Ilkley resident, Harry Hunt, representing Otley CC had a great pair of races, with 2nd place in the 3/4cat, which he followed with 5th in the 1/2/3/4 cat race on Saturday.
At Colne in the CDPP circuit race, Michael Strange was Ilkley’s only rider with 14th.

In time trialling, Ilkley CC had just one rider in the Drighlington BC 10mile TT, Liam Rees recorded a 24mph ride with 24mins36secs.
On Tuesday evening stalwart Ilkley riders were punished by strong northerly winds and chilly temperatures for the ICC 10m time trial at Cracoe. All riders will hope to beat their times when the Cracoe course is revisited again later in the summer. Results, 1) G. Millward 24min59secs, 2) Cam Blake 25:01, 3) Patrick Blake 27:11, 4) Liam Rees 27:12, 5) Archie White 28:43, 6) Mike Blake 30:51

Looking forward, watch out for Doug Hart and Jake Unsworth, who are waiting for a good forecast in order to embark on establishing tandem records.

Next Wednesday its by far the biggest race in the Ilkley CC calendar, its looking like 21degrees and fair weather on the long range forecast, so a great night is on the cards.