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Ilkley Town Centre Races

The Ilkley Cycle Races take place this Friday 23rd July. This year the races are part of the prestigious UK National Circuit Series. We need your help to make them a success.

While British Cycling has not published an update to The Way Forward guidance for Step 4 of the roadmap, there are a number of elements of the previous guidance which they have encouraged to keep in place. These are highlighted in a poster that will be displayed at the event on Friday.

The weather forecast looks great (thankfully a little cooler than at present) and it promises to be a lively atmosphere in the Town to be enjoyed before, during, and after any marshalling stint.

Volunteers do not need to be on duty for the whole evening. If you can spare just an hour or so that would be great. The sign-up sheet is here https://volunteersignup.org/8AMDC.

If all duties are full or if you fancy doing some shared marshalling please contact Ged Millward, who is coordinating the marshals this year gedmillward@gmail.com or 07793 190776.

We can’t have too many marshals, so don’t worry if the sign-up sheet is full. If we can double up on positions it means duties can be shared, people can have a chance to nip off to the loo or you could just marshal a position for half or a third of the evening. Please note that there is quite some work to do after the final race to tidy up and ensure there is no trace of the race.

The ICC gazebo will serve as an on-course HQ to be used by ICC helpers and marshals. Stephanie Millward will be there with the hi-viz jackets to hand out to the marshals. There will also be a drink for all marshals/helpers as a small thank-you.

One job that has come up that is not on the sign-up sheet is an extra line judge. We need one additional person to join the judging team at the race finish line for the first two races (until 7pm). Good eyesight is required to spot and call numbers. Also, because you will be working in close proximity to others, double vaccinated to mitigate risks. The first race starts at 5.45 so would need to be there at 5.30 so Liz Barett (Chief Judge) can chat through who does what. If you can fill this role please contact lizbarrett.embsay@btinternet.com or on 07532 238485.

Lastly, Camilla Boyton has reserved an area for ICC members at the Ticket Office bar for after the races have finished. Once we're done, it will be great to catch-up with people and to have a bit of refreshment.