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Weekly Rides

There are regular Club rides most days of the week. They are usually listed on the Rides App, though sometimes quite close to the ride time itself.

An overview of the regular rides and the Groups that participate in them is below. You can read more about ride categories and speeds here.

Monday Social Ride is an opportunity to get out and spend some time in a supportive group, both on the road and, usually, with a cafe stop.

Women-specific Monday Social Ride is a variant on the Monday ride geared to ladies in the Club.

Tuesday Social Group. If you don't have other commitments on a Tuesday, this group gives you an opportunity to explore the area around Ilkley in an all-day adventure, featuring a lunch stop.

Thursday Evening Rides. Every Thursday evening, come rain or shine (sun in the summer, moon in the winter), multiple groups set off to a quick two hour ride to get back to the pub by around 9pm. Most Thursdays there is a good selection of rides from C to Training.

Saturday Morning Chain Gang. May sound tough, but, er, well it is a bit demanding. This is a regular weekly weekly 30 mile ride that starts at the Old Bridge every Saturday morning with one or two groups, depending on the number of riders who show up. It is a fast ride because we take full advantage of the slip stream of others.

Sunday Morning Rides. Most weeks there is a full range of ride speeds and distances to choose from.

If you fancy being a ride leader, you can also post your own ride on the Rides App and expect a group to join you.