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RIP Lee Horton 04/09/62 - 30/10/20

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Lee Horton died last Friday and I know of many of you will still be coming to terms with his passing.

Lee made an immeasurable impact on Ilkley Cycling Club and on the many friends he made within it. He was heavily involved in the club from its reformation: as a regular club rider, a ride leader and a committee member.

His vision for the Camp Site during Le Grand Depart in 2014 and his hard work in creating this hugely successful site, enjoyed by visitors from across the world really demonstrates the kind of guy he was. The commercial success of the event was instrumental in putting the club in the excellent financial position it remains in today.

His commercial acumen and commitment to the club was further exemplified by securing considerable sponsorship from several local businesses to deliver the Ilkley Town Centre Races in a way which brought the club, other riders and the town itself together, united in some great evenings of racing. Many of these sponsors remain committed to the club to this day.

Lee was a regular ride leader, always encouraging B2’ ers to ride just that little further. He was a regular participant in club trips and events - Youth Hostelling, Mallorca, Scotland and more and was always great company. Many will remember him as a true gentleman, totally unflappable and always there in time of need. Lee was self-effacing by nature, but his qualities were plain to see by all who knew him. He was a great friend, a great family man and a genuinely good person.

He will be hugely missed and we fully intend to do something to celebrate him when appropriate and safe to do so.

“thanks for the ride Lee”

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