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We have restarted club rides on the following basis

* Use the Rides App.

All rides must be listed on the Rides app. All riders must be members, and book through the app.

That allows us to help with contact tracing if we ever need to. It also allows us to have confidence we are staying within the rules.

Please re-read the Club’s ride etiquette before your first ride after lockdown, and the risk assessment that will soon join it on the Club website.

* Group size

Rides must not include more than 15 riders. Ride leaders can choose to list rides with smaller groups of any size below that.

Please respect the ride leader’s chosen group size. Don’t turn up at the meeting point hoping to join a ride without having booked through the app.

None of us have ridden in a tight group for a long time. Be honest with yourself about your fitness levels, bike handling and group riding skills. Think about starting with a smaller group.

Remember that if you are not on a Club ride, the rule of six applies. Put another way, you won’t be allowed to ride in groups larger than six unless it’s a Club ride.

* Meeting up

Ride leaders, please try to spread your rides across different days, different start times, and different meeting places.

Rides starting from the same place, on the same day, must start at least 15 minutes apart.

* Respect for others

From 29 March, the basic rule off the bike will be the rule of six. People may therefore look at larger groups of cyclists unfavourably. Please be mindful of that around Ilkley and in the communities we ride through.

For example, please don’t do cafe stops in a group larger than six; arrive in a group larger than six and then sit at separate tables; or stop at a cafe already occupied by another ICC ride.

Finally, please be courteous if challenged!