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The Covid rules change 17 May.

So for club riding that means:

• Club rides can be any size. However, not everyone is comfortable in large groups. If you advertise a read, please be clear on your maximum number. If you’re signing up, please look for that number and respect it.
• Please continue to use the website or rides app to book onto rides. Even if a ride leader does not specify a maximum number of riders, the app gives us a way of contact tracing if we ever need it.
• Please don’t just turn up expecting to join a ride.
• Ride organisers, please continue to have staggered start times and a mix of start/finish points.
• Please don’t spit or fire off snot on rides!
• Before and after any ride, please continue to stick to the general rules and guidance in force at the time.

Thank you, and enjoy your riding in the weeks ahead.